Storylines Trust tour of Taranaki: Day Three

We had our first partial glimpse of the maunga as we headed out this morning. It was beautiful, but fleeting, and by the end of our first school visit it had disappeared from view altogether. It amazes me that a feature so dramatic and dominating of the landscape can be hidden so completely!

Midhirst School was today’s first stop for Stuart and me. Their Year 0-2 children talked enthusiastically with me about playground rescues, and had a lot of ideas about being rescued from trees! They did a great job putting pictures from Grandpa versus Swing in order, and drew some very detailed book covers depicting playground rescue stories.

Ben and I went on to St Joseph’s School in Stratford for the second session of the day. The Year 1-4 pupils there had wide-ranging questions on the processes of writing and publication. Their practical ideas for rescuing Grandpa showed a great understanding of teamwork and physics, and minimal need for tools.

In the afternoon, Cristina and I visited Ngaere School. There was a strong rural flavour to the rescue stories among their Year 1-3 students. We even discussed the merits of steel tracks versus rubber tracks in a rescue involving heavy machinery – I am learning from everyone, everywhere I go on this tour! They drew some great original cover art, and some of them began writing their own stories today.

Tomorrow we bid farewell to Stratford, and head for Hāwera. You can find more pictures from our tour on the Storylines Trust Facebook page and on Instagram.

Photos above taken by Michel Mulipola and Helen Villers.

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