Keeping up with Grandpa

Almost two months ago, we launched Grandpa versus Swing. Days later, we were in lockdown again. Here in the Auckland region we are still fairly strictly locked down. Time ticks on – in fact the weeks seem to fly – but it feels a bit like the world has stopped.

Books couldn’t be shipped in those first few weeks. Libraries and local bookshops are still closed. Home life is now full on, 24/7, and my own creative output has ground to a halt.

I still haven’t even seen our book in the shops yet! But they are out in the world with a life of their own now, Grandpa and his fun-loving family. Kind people have sent me pictures of Grandpa versus Swing on shop shelves across the rest of the country.

Lael Chisholm has made some fun new pictures of Grandma and Grandpa, which you can see here. I love the way she explores their characters! Her Facebook and Instagram pages also give a fantastic insight into her artistic process.

Suzy Cato has made a beautiful reading of the story on her YouTube channel, TreehutTV. How wonderful! There’s a lot more to explore there too, for those rainy holiday/locked down days with young children.

I also recently enjoyed speaking with Rachel Dore, on her Manawatū People’s Radio programme Words from the Bubble. You can hear that interview here. Mine is episode 65, and there are many other interviews with a diverse range of New Zealand writers available to listen to in her online archive.

So while my world is on pause to a large degree, Grandpa’s is up and running. I offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone who is a part of it.

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